Pax Tech Hack

Organized by BeMyApp
Hamburg Messe, Hamburg
From Apr 2nd 2019
To Apr 4th 2019
See the website


Do you have an idea that could shape the passenger journey of the future? Then this event is for you!

Passenger Technology Solutions is returning to Hamburg once again, and this year, it's expected to be bigger and better. Not only will the event see industry giants take to the stage, but also innovators and developers alike, as one of the most exciting hackathons will take place bang in the middle of it!

Who can join?

If you’re a developer, designer, engineer, marketer, or consider yourself a valuable asset to any hackathon team, don’t miss this huge opportunity to change the aviation industry in the heart of one of the largest international conferences.

The challenge(s)?

Of course there will be some, and they are going to be super interesting! But whilst we are working on it, it’s super important you to register your spot today as this event has limited spaces on a first come first serve basis

What’s in it for you?

Besides a 5000€ prize per challenge, you'll have the rare opportunity to network with the best and brightest in the industry with over 250 unique airline and rail operators, all converging on Hamburg.

Find out more on the official hackathon website or share the voice using the #PaxTechHack

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