Planet Saving Technology. Smart Cities and the Internet of Things

Organized by The Greenhouse
EnergyLab, Chippendale
Jun 27th 2017
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What is a Smart City? How will Smart Cities change the way we organise our lives? Will they bring about the so-called ‘third industrial revolution’? What is the Internet of Things, and does it have the potential to be a Positive Impact Techonology? What are the opportunities and what are the risks?

We explore all this and more in the first of our deep dives into Planet Saving Technology: Smart Cities and the Internet of Things.

Speakers and Panellists

Frank Zeichner - CEO, IoT Alliance Australia

Angela Bee Chan - Schneider Electric / Hackathons Australia

Ben Moir - Snepo Fablab / WearableX

Monica Richter - Low Carbon Futures, WWF Australia.

Andrew Tovey - Total Environment Centre, TULIP/Smart Locale (Panel Host)

Food and Drinks

Drinks and light refreshments are provided, thanks to our parteners EnergyLab & WWF.


6:00pm: Doors open

6:30pm: Keynote followed by moderated panel discussion and Q&A with the audience

8pm: Continue the discussion over drinks and light snacks

9pm: Event concludes

The evening will begin with a half hour of mingling and networking. At 6:30pm the talks programme will begin with a keynote from Frank Zeichner - CEO, IoT Alliance Australia. You will then be envited to join the speakers in Q&A style panel discussion. The talks and panel runs for aproximatley 1hr. After the panel you are envited to continue the conversation and enjoy some drinks and light refresments thanks to our parteners EnergyLab & WWF.

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