Playground Series II - "High" Tech

Anyways Here's the Thing, Brooklyn
Dec 16th 2016
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Anyways, Here's the Thing and Discourse are glad to present Playground Series II -  ”High” Tech

“High tech” would seem, at first glance, to be simply a matter of more technology. However, Martin Heidegger, a great Continental philosopher once discovered that in the Greek root of technology, techne — is generally translated as “art,” “skill,” or “craft”.  The relationship between art and technology, so visible in the Greek techne, has always been basic to technology, to its “essence”. “Blinded” by the industrial revolution and capitalism movement, modern technology has been concerned solely with functionality, mechanical reproduction, controlling and being controlled. Today, we start to see that once again, technology is being exposed to matters of representation, aesthetics, and style. The essence of technology becomes a matter of ongoing change or movement that is about “unsecuring”, “revealing” ,“unleashing” and “dismantling”. It's indeterministic, permeable, open-ended in nature, just like the Greek Techne - Art

We are excited to have Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Jesse Harding, Yifan Hu and Yuxi Cao to join us for the night. They will share with us their experiments on “bewitching” modern technology, and bestowing “Low” tech with the enchanted aura of the aesthetic realm where it once belonged - “High” tech.


Amelia Winger-Bearskin

ITP Alum. Amelia Winger-Bearskin is an accomplished artist and creative technologist. She is currently the director of New Rochelle New York’s art and technology initiative SIM: Shifting Imaginative Media. Amelia is also part of Facebook’s Oculus Launchpad, and co-founder of Stupid Hackathon, which now holds events around the world.

Jesse Harding

Artist, craftsman, and part-time lecturer in the Design & Technology program at Parsons.

Current projects: Unpainting, vertigo mirror, foam printer

Yifan Hu

Designer, artist, creative technologist, ITP alum. Hu's works range from interactive installation, performance to sculpture, photography and virtual reality. He currently focuses on exploring the relationship between technology and culture, politics and technology.

Projects: Virus Labs, How to connect, RONI, INVISIBLE, Moon Phrase…

Yuxi Cao

Cao Yuxi (James), Founder of AxiStudio, Associate Artist based in 3LD Art&Technology, CAFA & SVA Alum. His works are usually generated into the spectrum of sound-visualization performance, programming & computing media, Interactive Art and most especially where those area meets.

Door opens at 7:30PM. Talk starts at 8PM.

This event is held and curated by Anyways, Here's the Thing and Discourse

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