"Plugged in" Decentralized Access Control for machines and IT infrastructure | Berlin

Organized by Nature 2.0
BigchainDB GmbH, Berlin, Berlin
Nov 21st 2018
Building blocks beneficial to society
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 What if Nature is no longer owned by companies or individuals? This event is co-hosted by Bigchain DB

Nature 2.0 aims for an ownerless layer of natural resources and intelligent agents that promote sustainable public utilities in a world of abundance. Join us for our event series prior to the world biggest blockchain hackathon taking place in April 2019. http://www.blockchaingers.org

The events leading up to use case experimentation will focus on the development of building blocks for a new form of social paradigm called Nature 2.0.

In Nature 2.0 assets are no longer owned by companies or individuals. Therefore they are no longer constrained by the motives of their owners and can address a more commonly shared need in society. The decentralized nature of blockchains has bootstrapped the existence of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) which nobody fully controls. 

More Details will follow soon. Hurry up and grab your ticket soon. For more details, you can also check: 



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