Polymer Web Components Hackathon - Los Angeles

TechHire Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Dec 1st 2018
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Get started with the new web components standard and Google's Polymer web components framework as part of an open source project: the Collaboration Tree.  Web components allow you to create new HTML tags which can be used with any other HTML based web technology.  Polymer adds data binding for cascading changes, as well as a broad library of polished components.  The Collaboration Tree (cTree) is an open source project in progress, built on Polymer, who's goal is to create a new large scale collaborative discussion platform (read: open think tank).

This event will introduce you to the project and help you get hands on with Polymer web components.  If you want to continue learning and working with Polymer on a real project you can join a cTree team working on a specific part of the project.  For newer developers, open source project teams are a great way to build up your resume.

Before the event

We recommend joining our Slack group and seting up the project in advance.  If you have any issues we can help you resolve them during the event.  We also encourage you to sign up for GitHub if you don't already have an account

If you're looking to jump in a bit early we're also at Hack for LA most Tuesday nights.

Free parking

Parking is available up the ramp off Beverly Blvd, just next to 2731 Beverly Blvd.  Take the stairs down from the center of the parking lot and follow the signs to the lobby.

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