Prague Dance Hackathon, “Hacking the [Dancing] Body” 20th—21st November, 2015

Palac Akropolis, Prague
From Nov 20th 2015
To Nov 21st 2015
See the website


The Europeana Space Dance Hackathon will be part of ENTER – International Biennale for Art, Science and Technology – which is scheduled to take place in Prague in mid-November 2015. The festival hosts a unique showcase of creative practices, exhibitions, performances, discussions and workshops.

The hacakthon will bring together artists and practioners from various countries and artists, scientific and business areas. It will offer participants the opportunity to engage in a creative environment for experimentation in generating new ideas, concepts or even prototypes with the dancing body as source.

Bringing together dance, science and emerging technologies, participants will be offered access not only to the newly developed DancePro and DanceSpace tools but also to other technologies involving motion capture, tracking, biosensors, VR and even 3D printers. With an emphasis on inspiring the imagination, participants will be able to play, create, use and reuse dance content whether performed live on the hackathon premises by actual dancers or using content courced from many digital resources (e.g. accessible via, the European Digital Libray).

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