Prevhakthon -Lyon: le retour du Hackathon de la prévention

Salon PREVENTICA Lyon, Chassieu, Chassieu
From Jun 23rd 2021
To Jun 29th 2021
Creating Quality of Worklife solutions
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Prevention specialists and other occupational health and safety professionals in Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region! Are you determined to improve the quality of life at your workplace? The Federation of Prevention Actors invites you to participate in their Prevhakthon-Lyon prevention hackathon.

At this 8-hour event, you'll be asked to create an innovative solution to issues raised around the introduction of Social and Economic Committees (CSE) in France! Present your project to a jury panel for recognition and potential adoption by FAP.

The expert hackathon tips page is the place to find answers to your questions!

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