PwC's 1-day Hackathon on AI and Computer Vision

Organized by PwC Slovakia
Twin City Business Centre, blok A, Bratislava
Dec 8th 2018
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Upskill in applying AI, Computer Vision, business analysis and problem solving

Join us for a 1-day Hackathon to apply your creativity and solve an incredibly engaging business problem (which seems to be unsolved until now).

We believe that we came across a nearly ideal use-case to start with or improve in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP) – all at once or focus on a part of the problem.

 Our experts and seasoned mentors will introduce you to the problem and tools on the day of event and support you in structuring your ideas. Sasha is PwC Consultant focusing on NLP and AI, Mark is ML expert currently involved at AI-powered decision-making platform for semiconductor manufacturing and Marina (will connect online) is PwC Director from US office with extensive business expertise.

Disconnect from your routine for 1 day and focus on possibly next big step into your future, all in cosy atmosphere, enjoying Christmas spirit, mulled wine (varené víno) and presents from Mikulás!


8:30 – Breakfast 9:30 – Problem statement, its breakdown and ideas for MVP 10:00 – Overview of Computer Vision tools, NLP and AI packages which can be useful during the day 10:30 – Presentation of participants and mentors, creation of teams of 3-5 people, brainstorming 11:00 – Pitching inside each team, selecting the prototype idea 12:30 – Lunch 13:30 – Discussing prototypes between groups and mentors, feedback, finalizing the prototype/design 18:30 – Presenting the design or prototype to all participants and mentors. Each team will have 10 minutes to pitch and a few minutes for Q&A. 19:00 – Informal discussions and after-party

Tools and resources worth looking at in advance

You are encouraged to propose completely different approaches to address a business case and use tools of your choice (you may use any framework, programming language, RPA tool, low-code platform etc). However, if you have no such experience we recommend to start with the following tools as they are beginner friendly.

Google Cloud Vision (OCR) (NLP)


Why attend the hackathon?

Learn new technology by doing a prototype

Network with seasoned mentors and like-minded people

Leverage an opportunity to produce a concept of your idea in just 1 day

Receive a valuable prize from Mikulás for a notable result :-)

 Who is the hackathon for?

If you are specialist in AI, ML, OCR, NLP, Computer Vision – you have probably already signed up! Everyone who wants to learn more about emerging technologies is welcome to join.

We will guide you and help to create a design and prototype your ideas

How will the winner be determined?

We do not expect an end-to-end solution, but concept, design, partly solution or even an elegant and well presented idea would be considered by our jury

If you prepare in advance and it helps you to go further than others - it will be taken into account

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Please, bring your photo ID - it may be required to enter the premises.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event

Please, contact us directly in case you would like to use our parking and we will send you the instructions.

What can I bring into the event?

Please, bring your good mood ;-) And laptop if you are a developer

We will have WiFi, food and drinks for free during entire day

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please, feel free to come to us on Facebook or write us an email.

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