re:Invent recap + AWS hackathon to solve socio-economic problems with technology.

IBS Software Services, Kochi
Jan 5th 2019
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Hackathon for good

This is a hackathon to inspire you to develop solutions that will bring lasting change. There are a lot of seemingly insurmountable problems in society today. For example: bad roads, air and noise pollution, corruption in government, income disparity, outdated methods of education, unequal access to resources, reduced opportunities for women, etc.

It is not easy for an individual or organization to fully solve any of these problems on their own. But each of us can make a small contribution to the complete solution. Is there a problem you are passionate about tackling with technology? Then this hackathon is a place where you can find like minded engineers and programmers to team up with and create new solutions.

re:Invent recap

At the same time we will also have the Kochi Edition of re:Invent recap at the same location.

Start early!

If you already have an idea or a team and want to get started immediately, you can do so. The project does not have to start on Jan 5. You can start now.

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