Remote Rhapsody Online Hackathon by Deutsche Telekom

From Nov 30th 2020
To Dec 16th 2020
Sound the alarm because the Remote Rhapsody hackathon is here!
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Deutsche Telekom's tech incubator hubraum is looking for developers, designers, and do’ers to join them in developing new applications for the Telekom Voicification Suite. Participants will choose from three unique challenge topics and compete for 8000 € in cash prizes.

Why participate?

The Remote Rhapsody hackathon is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Showcase your skills and explore your ideas
  • Connect with leading telecommunications experts
  • Experience the Magenta Smart Speaker and Telekom Voicification Suite
  • Win up to 4,000€ 

How to join?

Sign up and submit your project on the hackathon platform:

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