Revision - European Interdisciplinary Festival for Blockchain Technology

Organized by amatus
amatus HQ, Berlin
From Nov 18th 2018
To Nov 20th 2018
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Revision invites 5000 leading policy-makers, business executives and thought leaders from all over the world to the entrepreneurs and developers capital of Europe to showcase, discuss and collaborate on core projects that will advance a truly decentralised, accessible and democratic future internet.

Key facts:

5000+ hackers, designers and venture developers of the decentralised Internet to work on challenges and connect with the most interesting projects and companies

50 co-creators to organize their own deep-dive summits across Berlin during the festival

One festival area where all participants come together for inspiring stage content, project showcases and networking

Berlin as the guest city in 2018 because of its rich cultural history, entrepreneurial density and sociopolitical diversity



Day 0 – Registration

Get Your Wristband & Welcome Package at Amatus HQ, Ackerstrasse 29, 10115 Berlin

Day 1 – Co-Creators day – Across Berlin 

In an all-city setting, over 50 partnering locations plus a number of selected bars, restaurants and special venues from art galleries to an ex-bunker, Revision Co-Creators will host their own summits around the biggest topics within the umbrella theme of the decentralised internet: from “democracy on the blockchain” and “future outlook zero knowledge / privacy protocols” to “advanced technologies for autonomous transport and M2M-communication”.

Day 2 – Main Stage and Exhibitor Day - Postbahnhof Berlin

At Postbahnhof, we will open the doors for keynotes and high quality talks in a way the Blockchain community has never seen before: original stories that entertain and speak to the social Zeitgeist. Instead of dull company presentations, these talks will focus on the broad implications of blockchain technologies on society and how they will enable disruptive business models of tomorrow. Our professional trainers will prepare all speakers to go above and beyond to deliver their message in a truly groundbreaking and capturing way.

In parallel to the main stage, our exhibition area will become alive with breakout sessions, side stake talks, panels, hackathons and more intimate workshops around both technical and non-technical deep dive topics.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

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