Rockwell Automation C++ Challenge

Organized by Rockwell Automation
From Dec 21st 2018
To Feb 21st 2019
We're calling all great C++/C developers eager to test your skills.
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Unleash your superpower programming skills, complete code tasks and let yourself be discovered. If you're passionate about C++ and love challenges, we are waiting for you until Feb 21, 2019!

The age of The Connected Enterprise is growing by leaps and bounds and we want to form a part of it. Living in a more productive and sustainable world is our vision, and we are looking for the brightest talent and the best creative ideas to make it happen. Join the challenge and be the part of Industry 4.0 change with Rockwell Automation. Are you ready for it?

Why is it worth to join in?

- you will test your C++/C skills,

- you will compete with others and have an opportunity to become the best of the best,

- you will have a chance to win awesome prizes,

- your talent will be discovered by Rockwell Automation and together you will create the future of the industry!

How to participate?

To start the test click ‘"I want to participate’ button and fill in the registration form. After logging in you will see "Start test’ button, by clicking it you can start solving the tasks we’ve prepared for you. Don’t worry! You can take the test anytime you want between Dec 21 and Feb 21.

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