SacSOS Datathon

Organized by Code for Sacramento
The Urban Hive, Sacramento
Dec 10th 2016
See the website


The SacSOS Datathon is a half-day event to crowdsource data that will help Sacramentans experiencing homelessness find the services they need. We need help from volunteers of all technical skill levels to find, convert, and upload more data to our system that is already up and running and helping people in our community!

What is SacSOS?

SacSOS is a website developed by a team at Code for Sacramento's Hack4Sac hackathon in early 2016. It allows people experiencing homelessness, or the people helping them, to search for and find the services they need, including how far away they are from the searcher and what their hours of operation are.

SacSOS has a bunch of great features, and a lot of useful information, but it needs more!

What will you do?

Depending on your skills, you will help us add information to SacSOS by:

Finding available service data online

Typing or copying/pasting data into a spreadsheet

Converting existing data to the right format to upload to the database

Scraping data from PDFs

Other ETL functions as necessary

What can you bring?

Your desire to help people in your community

Your brain

Your cheerful disposition

Your computer (Don't have one to bring? Come anyway, and we'll find something for you to do!)

What will you get out of it?



Camaraderie with other socially-conscious Sacramentans

The warm glow of having given to your community

We look forward to seeing you on December 10!

The SacSOS Datathon is generously sponsored by CFY Development.

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