Santander Digital Trust

Organized by Santander
Wallacespace spitalfields, London, London
From Dec 19th 2020
To Dec 20th 2020
Build on Santander’s Digital Trust APIs
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This event is postponed, new dates will be communicated very soon

Santander is on a mission to leverage the power of its APIs to develop cutting-edge digital trust solutions for its customers during this 24-hour hack!

To achieve this goal, Santander is calling on developers, fintech experts, data scientists, and digital trust/identity experts to join its internal teams to collaborate and create powerful products that support privacy, protect data, and help individuals and businesses prosper.

To support the development of your solution, you'll gain access to: 

  • Santander’s Open Banking API Sandbox

Built on top of OpenID and focused on Customer Privacy, this API is a proposal for a new Digital Identity standard for Verified Data Sharing Services

CSV files with anonymised customer data.

  • Plaid API (tech partner)

Plaid’s API allows end-users to build the future of financial services. 



Challenge 1: Verifying Identity  

Challenge 2: Verifying Authority

Challenge 3: Validating Information

Challenge 4: Sharing Summary Facts



Wallacespace spitalfields
19 December 2020 - 20 December 2020
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