SDG Challenge - Een kansrijke start

Organized by PLNT Leiden
PLNT Leiden, Leiden, Leiden
From Oct 9th 2020
To Oct 10th 2020
Innovate to address early child development challenges
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Professionals and students in the Netherlands! If you're interested in early child development, then you're invited to take part in the SDG Challenge: A Promising Start.

Register with a team, or join one at the event.  You'll be challenged to come up with innovative solutions that help parents face challenges in the first 1,000 days of their child's life.

  • Challenge 1: How do you make (future) parents aware of a healthy lifestyle?
  • Challenge 2: How can professionals gain an earlier view of vulnerable pregnant women or young parents?

Compete for a chance to win a complete start-up development process for your project.

Search the hackathon tips page to find answers to your questions on participating in the SDG Challenge!

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