Seattle Legal Tech - 3rd Annual 21st Century Lawyer CLE (3 CLE Pending)

Organized by Dan Lear
Seattle University, Seattle, Seattle
Dec 12th 2018
Legal Tech Continuing Ed + QnA Markup Hackathon
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We are back with our third annual (3rd, THIRD people!) 21st Century Lawyer Seattle Legal Tech CLE. This year, we're bringing back some popular speakers and, and, AND this year you'll get credit for building tech! That's right, we're going to do a mini-hackathon right in the middle of the CLE. And you'll get credit for it. But don't get intimidated! We're using tools that anyone can quickly and easily learn to use. 

Event is sponsored in part by Seattle University School of Law. Thanks SU! 

Here's the full program (with some additional detail coming soon):

Meet the hackers!

Back by popular demand - but better than last year too - Wendy Knox Everette and Brendan O'Connor (with a possible third special guest to join) will blow your minds on data privacy, security, and everything you ever needed to know about hackers.

GDP . . . What? 

Join us for the fastest and best primer on what GDPR is and why you should care. Local attorney and GDPR expert Deserae Abed-Rabbo Weitmann is going to lay some serious GDPR knowledge on us. Get ready.

QnA Markup Hackathon

Then, we hack. Using David Colarusso's QnA Markup Tool participants (that's you!) will build interactive Q and A tools to answer a legal question. We'll all vote on a winner. Oh, and we're bringing Tom Martin from LawDroid in Vancouver BC to oversee the hacking mania. And don't be intimidated! If you know how to type and can follow some simple directions you can learn to use QnA Markup in just a few minutes.  

A2J Tech

Next, we'll talk access to justice and technology with access advocate and tech rockstar Sart Rowe.

Cutting Edge Legal Service Models

Finally Dan Lear and Jordan Couch will talk about how innovators are, can, and should build new, ethically compliant, business models to collaborate with others outside of legal to build cutting edge legal service delivery models to transform the legal landscape.

We're being hosted and sponsored by the gracious folks at Seattle University School of Law. And proceeds will go to the Seattle Legal Tech Microgrant Innovation Program - more coming on that next year. 

Meantime, these tickets will go fast so grab yours now and join us to get CLE credit while you get your mind blown.

Brought to you by Seattle Legal Tech and Seattle University School of Law


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