Serial Hacking

Organized by CryptoBazar
From Dec 11th 2018
To Jan 13th 2019
The aim of the Serial Hacking is to help programmers get together and work on innovative projects in Blockchain field.
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Serial Hacking offers the opportunity to take part in an innovative project, namely in the semiannual hackathon - marathon unique for its scale and prize fund (+80 000 $). Online hackathon provides the chance to developers from all over the world to reach the largest customers, receive potential investments for their own projects and get a job offer in the world's leading IT companies.


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.
Simulator for running smart contract on a network and showing potential new states of the network resultant.
Would benefit from IDE integration (VSCode & Atom and Jetbrains).
Resource analyser/predictor, given smart contract—as LLVM IR—predict compute resource usage (Ethereum analogy: gas usage)
"Can do a static analysis approach, or a simulator (0.). All three would benefit from IDE integration (VSCode & Atom and Jetbrains)."
Translate LLVM IR back up to the higher level language, highlight parts of the source code which have nontermination risk (Halting problem).
All three would benefit from IDE integration (VSCode & Atom and Jetbrains).
Create a way to interact with NuCypher network either trough an extension (in browser), or as a library (in node.js and golang).
"* Browser extension (Chrome or Firefox), creating a nucypher object for Javascript * Node.js <> Python API * Golang <> Python API For that, you can create an RPC to interact with NuCypher code, or you can use any other methods which you consider convenient (API over sockets or native messaging). Try to create an interface similar to characters we have (e.g. Alice and Bob from from nucypher.characters.lawful, and DataSource from from nucypher.data_sources). You can make them in nucypher namespace (e.g. nucypher.Alice etc). In browsers, Javascript can interact with this nucypher namespace similarly to interacting with web3 object. You can implement same methods as we have for these objects in Python (an example can be seen here: "
Blind identity management
You may find helpful chapter 6.1 in the thesis written by David Nunez
Decentralized digital rights management (DDRM).
"E.g. any project selling data online autonomously, pay-to-stream etc. Cryptographic access control can act as a decentralized DRM. Access controls can be embedded into the encryption itself so that they follow the data wherever it goes. Conditional re-encryption tokens can be controlled by a smart contract and released only upon payment. Services like a decentralized Netflix or an encrypted marketplace selling software, apps, photos, and other digital content can now be built using NuCypher KMS."
Handling secrets for containers running in VPS
"Secrets are only saved in containers in encrypted form, decrypted when you use only, with access through NuCypher. NuCypher is ideal for the storage of any secrets, such as sensitive environment variables, database credentials, and API keys. For scripts, a re-encryption token can be generated for the duration of a script, then revoked. For example, developers can safely store encrypted database credentials on GitHub, giving temporary access to these credentials once an instance is deployed. Even if the GitHub repository is public, the credentials cannot be used by an unauthorized person."
Shared credentials and enterprise password management (decentralized lastpass)
NuCypher KMS can manage shared credentials that employees use to access web services. An audit log can be built to monitor who accesses what secrets. When an employee leaves, it is easy to revoke access or even roll keys

Prizes pool

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Get a leg up on the competition by getting familiar with the hackathon resources at your disposal.
Description, requirements, useful links (discord channel, etc)


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