SG100 Nation Building Hackathon 2018

Organized by SG100 Foundation
Tanjong Pagar CC, 101 Cantonment Rd, Singapore
From Jul 27th 2018
To Jul 29th 2018
Prizes TBA
See the website


Techies and wannabe techies in Singapore! If you'd like to learn how to code, or you want to showcase your coding skills, then you're invited to participate in the two-day SG100 Foundation Nation Hackathon 2018. First, you'll get to attend a day of workshops that will teach you the basic coding/financial literacy skills needed to build your project. On the second day, as part of a team, you'll build your chosen project and pitch it to a panel of judges. Collaborate and compete for prizes, based on your project’s creativity, execution, and user community impact.

Tanjong Pagar CC
27 July 2018 - 29 July 2018
101 Cantonment Rd
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