She Can Hack - Hackathon

Organized by GoMyCode
GoMyCode Hackerspace, Tunis
From Dec 1st 2018
To Dec 2nd 2018
See the website


She Can Hack is an initiative launched by GoMyCode, xTech and IEEE WIE ESPRIT Affinity Group aiming to empower women between (16-26 YO) in Tech-World by providing them the right evironment to hack under a specific theme. We do believe in the great added-value women can bring in the Tech World, and YOU can help us reach what we envision by joining us on December, 1st and 2nd at GoMyCode Hackerspace for a 24 hours Hackathon An intersting agenda is planned including a panel composed of successful Tunisian women entrepreneurs under the topic : "Women, Entrepreneurship and New-Tech".

Team up and book your spots now to join the movement !

PS : The event is open for everyone, teams has to be composed of at least 50% girls.

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