Government College of Engineering Aurangabad, Aurangabad, Aurangabad
From Nov 25th 2019
To Dec 25th 2019
75,000 INR
Open the challenges and problems in Aurangabad smart city for innovators and students across the country.
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Smart Aurangabad Hackathon is the pioneer of inventions in the Marathwada region. 

In today's digital economy, betterment with sustainability being the future, every city aims at getting smarter to provide better solutions to its citizens.  

Marathwada now envisages finding solutions for Aurangabad smart city by leveraging the power of youth and innovation. Government College of Engineering Aurangabad is hosting its first-ever ‘Hackathon’ – an event that will be avant-garde of finding technological solutions to citizens' challenges.

SAH aims at diverse domains covering all major problems in Marathwada including water, city surveillance, irrigation and healthcare to name a few.

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