Smart Culture Conference

Organized by Beyond Human
Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden
Nov 6th 2019
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This year’s NWO SMART CULTURE conference is organised in close cooperation with the Brave New World Conference and Beyond Human Festival 

Focus of the Beyond Human Festival is how future technology will impact human life. During our events the worlds of arts and culture, philosophy, science, technology and storytelling will collide. The Smart Culture conference will have an interactive programme with two main tracks, a variety of debates, a hackathon and lots of opportunities to connect. We hope to create an inspirational setting for future research collaborations.

 Our keynote speaker is James Bridle, the British journalist and artist who focuses on the role of technology in society. His art is exhibited throughout the world and his journalistic pieces have been published in Wired, The Atlantic and The Guardian. Next to that we feature:

Insights into Smart Culture projects on critical making a.o. the Dutch Design Research 2019 award winning project RE-source

Thematic co-referred sessions Bio Art&Design, Inclusivity, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Development  Goals and Arts&Science in co referred sessions

National Science Agenda HACKATHON: develop your project by crowdsourcing the Smart Culture community

Full Program: available at Natiralis

Participation in the Hackathon requires explicit registration and idea sharing all over the day. Next to participation in the Hackathon two lectures and the keynote will be part of your visit. On registering we kindly ask you to turn in the project theme you wish to work on during the hackathon.

On top of our programme all Beyond Human exhibits can be visited!  

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