Social Distancing Brings New Challenges

Organized by Sense Hub
From Jan 26th 2021
To Dec 23rd 2021
Through AR and computer interfaces benefit those with disabilities, potentially transforming their worlds
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Social Distancing Brings New Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Trends of Emerging AR

People with impaired hearing begin to navigate a world already forcefully reshaped by the pandemic.

For the deaf, new social distancing guidelines, like staying six feet from others and wearing a mask, can present particular challenges, making everyday tasks more complicated and bringing increased stress and anxiety.

Many deaf people rely on visual cues like the movement of another person’s lips. Masks that cover the mouth prevent them from effectively communicating.

Bridging Gaps:

Automatic captioning technology like Live Caption, Google’s automatic captioning system and other Speech-to-text processing technologies can be used merged with AR, in order to give you real-time transcriptions.

The concept of merged reality, integrated with automatic captioning technology, simply means that the device is integrated with the hardware to allow it to be used as a real-time application (RTA)

The technology will capture and automatically caption spoken audio on your device.

We must reimagine our world to consider this New Challenges.

This forum highlights the fact that simple enhancements, through AR and computer interfaces could benefit those with disabilities, potentially transforming their worlds

Lets start a cooperative hackathon instead of the usual competitive event

The objective:

Take part in the race to implemente benefits to put the person before the sensory disabilities limitations

The first prize:

Increase and share knolowledge

Ready for Takeoff 🚀

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