Sogeti Green X Game Jam

Organized by BMA
From Jun 10th 2022
To Jun 12th 2022
Embark on a 48-hour Sogeti Global quest to protect biodiversity.
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Grab your compass and developer-hero-starter pack, because we’re going on an adventure: the Sogeti Green X Game Jam! 

Sogeti, partnering with Intel, is inviting you to their new Game Jam, and we already know it’s going to be a BUMP.

The Green X Game Jam

  • The mission: 48 hours to create smart games that protect biodiversity. Urban gaming, runner games, gamification... let your creativity flow and embark on a crucial lifelong quest to save the planet — that’s it! 
  • Amazing teamwork with other tech-savvy people like yourself
  • Work closely with Sogeti and Intel experts who will accompany you for the full 48 hours
  • Access special professional opportunities
  • Get your hands on the €10,000 prize pool!

The prizes

Green X Game Jam Grand Prize: €5,000

Best Sustainable Game: €2,500

Best Sustainable Code: €2,500

Location: Online | WorkAdventure platform

Who can join?

The Game Jam is open to developers and designers from all over the world — what are you waiting for?

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