Sogeti Green X Games

Organized by Sogeti
MakeSense, 11 Rue Biscornet, Paris
From Jun 15th 2018
To Jun 17th 2018
5,000 €
48h pour sauver la planète (et faire proliférer les licornes)
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Developers, designers, start-up types, ideas people, and gaming enthusiasts in and around Paris! Technology and engineering services leader Sogeti invites you to participate in the 48-hour Green Games Hackathon. You'll get to design and prototype an innovative game that addresses a challenge such as Waste management, water management, energy savings, smart cities, or smart mobility. Compete for your share of a 9,000 € prize pool.

15 June 2018 - 17 June 2018
11 Rue Biscornet
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