B. Amsterdam, Amsterdam
From Nov 23rd 2015
To Nov 24th 2015
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BaseN invites you to join SPIME2015, an annual event for Industrial Internet of Things developers and non-coding IoT enthusiasts. This year we are hosting SPIME2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Featured speakers:


"CasaJasmina, the Connected Home of the Future"

Bruce Sterling, Author & Futurist, and Jasmina Tesanovic, Feminist & Political Activist

"IoT and the Connected Site"

Satyan Shah, Technical Director, Solutions at Trimble Navigation

"IoT Radio and Evolution towards a Programmable World"

Martti Ylikoski, Mobile Broadband Architect at Nokia

"Telefónica Indirect Channel strategy in IoT/M2M"

Jean Triquet, Partner Account Manager, Indirect Sales Spain & EU OffNet at Telefónica

"activeSpime, let's make bits and atoms work together (right now in the real world)"

Pablo Moreno, CEO and Founder activeS

"Who Watches The Things That Watch You?"

Johan (Julf) Helsingius, Privacy activist, Member of BaseN Board of Directors

"How Top Management & Board Members see Digitalisation"

Jari P. Angesleva, Principal Consultant, Business and Digital Transformation at Futurice


"IoT and Media/Entertainment Industry: Challenges and Opportunities"

Akram E. Farag, Executive Vice President at NxtVn





For developers - SPIMEathon:

Work with my.basen, an industrial grade development environment for creating massively scalable, fault tolerant, secure and globally available Internet-of-Things applications with unprecedented speed and flexibility. With my.basen, developers can trial their concept devices, services and spimes globally in a matter of hours, allowing them to invent an Uber, AirBnB or Nest Thermostat - every day.

This hackathon part will run over the second day of SPIME2015. There'll be some hardware to tinker with and you receive access to my.basen.


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