SportsHack 2015 - Toronto

Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre, Toronto
From Nov 27th 2015
To Nov 29th 2015
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$14,000 in prizes. Two days. Three cities. More than 400 participants from across Canada.

SportsHack will bring together teams of hackers in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax to compete in developing innovative sports-related software solutions.

This year, in partnership with the Canadian Football League (CFL), SportsHack challenges you to develop real world technologies from the CFL's real world data.

The final challenge(s) will not be announced until the event begins, but all of the necessary materials and data will be released prior to the event. Follow #SportsHack15 for upcoming details, so that your team can start planning.

At the end of the weekend-long hackathon, regional finalists from the three locations will advance to the national round, where they will have the opportunity to make a virtual pitch to our panel of judges. The winning team will have an opportunity to work with the CFL and mentors to bring their solution to market.

For more information, please visit

Need a team? No problem. There will be an open window at the beginning of the competition where we can help connect you with other registered participants.

Wondering where to stay? You can stay with us, just bring your pillow and sleeping bag.

Don’t know much about football? We’ve got you covered. We’ll have mentors attending that can help show you how to apply your tech know how to the CFL. We're looking for fan engagement solutions. Consider the CFL your first customer.

Pre-Hackathon Events

Why attend?

You're thinking of joining SportsHack this year

You want to learn about the challenge

You want to learn how to use the tools that will be at the hack

You want to start forming you team

Date & location

November 25, 2015, 6:00pm-8:00pm | RSVP Lighthouse Labs 639 Queen St. W., 3rd Floor, Toronto

Development Partner


Thanks to the CFL’s generous support, teams this year will work on real world challenges to develop products with commercial potential. If you're a sports fan and want to create your own start-up, this event is for you.



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