StartHereNow 2018: Women's Startup Weekend

Organized by StartHereNow
Rebellion Photonics, Houston
From Sep 28th 2018
To Sep 30th 2018
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Curious about starting a business? Try it for a weekend!

Want to help amazing women launch their startups? Join us! 

Want to launch your own business? This is the weekend for you.

StartHereNow 2018 is a start-up weekend for women. Part incubator, part pitch-day, brainstorming session, and hackathon, we help you Start your business. Here. Now.

Our mission is to create a supportive and collaborative environment where women can bring to life ideas that they are passionate about and build companies that solve big problems.

How does it work? Founders submit their ideas and apply to lead a team. Passionate, interested women with diverse backgrounds apply to work on a team and bring an idea to life.

Who should apply? Anyone is welcome. No prior experience or particular skills are needed. Past participants have been developers, designers, personal trainers, MBAs, moms, engineers, marketers, fashionistas, operations experts, data scientists, event planners ... if you're curious about entrepreneurship, this is for you!

For more information, see 

Purchase your ticket to confirm your participation in StartHereNow 2018!

Remember, you also need to complete the application form to enable us to match you to a team.  It only takes a minute.  See here.

If you only want to attend the pitch finals (and not participate on a team), you may find the tickets for the final here.


- Free parking is available on-site, either on Commerce Street or in the lot behind Rebellion Photonics. 

- The competition is held on the second floor of the Rebellion Photonics building (Suite 200). 

- You can enter from either the front or the back of the building. 

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