Startup Sprint

Organized by startupGNV
Feathr, Gainesville
From Oct 11th 2019
To Oct 13th 2019
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Part hackathon, part business pitch competition. Launch a new startup over the weekend! This immersive event offers working professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and everyone in between the opportunity to work on a startup idea over the course of a weekend, ending with a "Shark Tank" style pitch for prizes.

Come ready to meet and collaborate with creative, driven individuals and step outside of your comfort zone with the support of local mentors/community members. 

So what's on the agenda? 

FRIDAY: Pitch/listen to ideas and form teams around the best ones. You may pitch your own idea or join a team surrounding another idea.

SATURDAY + SUNDAY MORNING: Talk to potential customers, research the market, iterate on your business model, develop your product demo/investor presentation, and receive feedback from mentors

SUNDAY EVENING: Pitch + demo a la "Shark Tank" for a panel of judges and a crowd. Enjoy networking with the broader Gainesville tech/startup community in attendance during the after-party!

NOTE: You do NOT need to come with an idea, nor with a pre-formed team! You CAN do either, but most participants do not. And even pre-formed teams must be open to other participants joining them for the weekend.

This is a homegrown Gainesville event inspired by global organizations:,, and

The event will be hosted at the office of local growing startup Feathr, located in Innovation Square! 

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