Startupathon 2016: win €30,000 to build an IoT startup with IXDS

Organized by IXDS Labs GmbH
Berlin, Berlin
From Nov 25th 2016
To Nov 26th 2016
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Startupathon 2016 

IoT for Independent Living

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? We’re hosting an epic Startup Hackathon weekend at IXDS, giving you the chance to co-found an IoT startup with Germany’s leading service design studio.

The objective is to create a user-centered solution for people living with a disability or impairment. We have the funding, an incredible talent pool of designers and engineers, a great studio space with a hardware lab in Berlin Kreuzberg, a network of industry experts and a business coach who co-founded 3 startups. But we're looking for the final piece before we begin our adventure: dedicated co-founders. That could be you. We're offering €30,000 and a majority stake in the new company to the winners of our Startupathon, who will build this new venture with us.

This event is not only for engineers; any enthusiastic entrepreneur can apply.

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We have some amazing speakers and mentors, including:

- Matthias Biniok, IBM Watson (leading IoT platform)

- Roland Hueppmeier, BOSCH Healthcare Solutions

- Dario Sorgato, NoisyVision (visual impairment)

- Christoph Raethke, GTEC/Berlin Startup Academy

- Christian Lautner, Flying Health Incubator

PLEASE NOTE: Registering on Eventbrite does not guarantee you a place at the Startupathon; we will send you a short questionnaire to find out about your skill set and to confirm your place.

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