St. Catherine's British School, Lykovrysi
From Oct 14th 2017
To Oct 15th 2017
See the website


StCatsHacks is the first inter-school hackathon held in Athens, Greece. High-school and university students interested in STEM will convene at St. Catherine’s British School for a two-day overnight programming competition. In teams of 4, with access to APIs and the guidance of dedicated mentors, students are called to create innovative computer programs which will be evaluated on their functionality and applicability in the real world. Examples of the application of such programs include aiding the refugee community, automating logistical processes in schools, but any idea of your own could be apt. Food will be available to all participants and winners will be receiving great prizes. We look forward to seeing you all on October 14th.

Official website:

Facebook page:

Our Sponsors: Cisco, Intrasoft, Lays & Major League Hacking

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