Stockholm.AI Summit #10

Organized by Stockholm AI
Ericsson, Kista
Oct 25th 2018
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Data quality and acquiring training data

This time we will devote the evening to the all-too-familiar problems we face when trying to acquire training data and making sure it is of good quality. This event is hosted by Ericsson in Kista.


18:00-18:30 Drop in + mingling

18:30-20.30 Talks by:

Jörg Schneider (Senior Data Engineer, BCG Gamma Munich): Learnings and good data practices in large scale AI deployments

Daniel Langkilde (Co-founder, Annotell): Challenges with producing high quality training data

Fredrik Olsson (Senior Research Scientist, RISE AI): Online text data for machine learning, data science and research - Who can provide data? What data can't you get? What about data hygiene?

20:30-21:00 Mingling


Kajsa Norin, Data scientist at Fyndiq

About Stockholm AI:

Stockholm AI is a non profit organisation serving as an open forum to bring industry professionals and researchers in the Stockholm area together to discuss recent and and future developments. We arrange meetups, hackathons, study groups and other events that cover a wide range of topics from the field of AI, with the aim of making Stockholm a natural centre in the world of machine learning.For more information, visit our website

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