Organized by HackDelhi
Investopad, Gurugram
From May 21st 2018
To May 22nd 2018
See the website


StreetHack is a hackathon organized by and Ultrahack India for Hackers who have proved themselves in India and looking to go international with a grant for a trip to Finland and the chance to demo your prototype in Sprint I.We are here with cool problem statements from big giants of the Nordic region & Finland such as ESA, Talsinki, Forest Dept among others. We invite all Indian hackers, students, and professionals to join onboard and hack with us.Deadline for Idea Phase - April 15, 2018For more information, please visit Prize in Sprint I at the stake is more than Euro 50,000/-

Contact - Rajiv Kumar Jha: +91 8448022033

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