SuperNET Meetup

Organized by IndéNodes
Weesp, Weesp
From Jun 16th 2017
To Jun 18th 2017
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SuperNET is a decentralized platform and community that use blockchain technology.

We are a horizontally structured organization which is building decentralized open source solutions for anyone to use. Our community and team is a loosely formed group working tirelessly to make our vision a reality. Everyone is welcome to join us.

The offers

Earlybird Meetup (until the 21st February) 200 €: Food and accommodation, all inclusive.

Full Meetup 220€: Food and accommodation, all inclusive.

Extra night 15th-16th 50 €: one extranight in the ship before the meetup

Extra night 18th-19th 50 €: one extra night in the ship after the meetup

Simple meetup 140 €: Food and activities (no accommodation)

The SuperNET Meetup program

(Possibility to come on the 15th June)

Friday, 16th June,

11:00-13:00 : Welcome lunch (Sandwiches)

Afternoon : Forming groups for Hackathon, Businathon and Marketathon.


Sathurday, 17th June,

Breakfast/lunch: Selfservice Buffet

10:00-12:00: Presentation of SuperNET technology, how it works

Afternoon : working on the projects for the HBMthons

Diner : Restaurant

Night : Party in a club

Sunday, 18th June,

Breakfast/lunch: Selfservice Buffet

10:00-12:00: Presentation of the HBM projects and Awards "ceremony"

Afternoon : Toursistic visits in Amsterdam

(Possibility to stay until the 19th June)

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