Swarm Intelligence Models in Simulated Environment For Autonomous Drone and Quadruped Robot Wildfire Suppression

Organized by Forest Fire Hub
From Jan 26th 2021
To Dec 23rd 2024
Run a crowdsourcing effort, to tap the collective wisdom, also opened an online suggestion box (forestfirehub.com).
See the website


Fire seasons are running longer, stronger, hotter.

The trend is not going away. More firefighting equipment are, of course, needed. With the situation seemingly getting worse and not better, how can we turn a losing battle on its head?

One way is to apply some of our biggest tech innovations.

We decided to run a crowdsourcing effort.

Big data is already being used to understand and predict wildfire spread, but how can some of the other big technology trends potentially help?

Let's start a Cooperative work to accomplish shared goals, gathering and collaborating on innovation ideas. To create discussion to disseminate the adoption of new breakthrough technology. In a process of looking at forest fire in a new and unorthodox way, to provide new solutions.

The forestfirehub.com Hackathon Challenge is a Virtual Collaboration open to anyone with innovative concepts willing to revolutionise the current state of forest fire fighting. 

An evaluation of mathematical models using Machine Learning. Creating virtual environments to modeling and problem solving. 

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