Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2018

Swiss National Museum, Zürich
From Oct 26th 2018
To Oct 28th 2018
See the website


The open cultural data hackathon brings people with different backgrounds together for three days at the Swiss National Museum in Zurich (Landesmuseum Zürich), where they are invited to interact around specific topics, share experiences, and develop concepts and software prototypes.

Typical participants include software programmers, researchers, data providers, designers, artists, and other people interested in open cultural data.

On Sunday, the projects will be presented to the public and a jury will select the best ones for different categories.

Further information about the programme and the open datasets made available for the hackathon can be found at the hackathon website:

The Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2018 is part of the campaign #Kulturerbe2018.

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