Sync the City 2021 - StartUpCycle Weekend

Organized by SyncNorwich & UEA
Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich, Norwich
From Jul 24th 2021
To Jul 25th 2021
£4000 prize pool
Creating upcycling solutions to change the world!
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Circular economy tech experts, eco-warriors, and other enthusiasts in East Anglia! SyncNorwich and the University of East Anglia invite you to sign up for Sync the City 2021 — StartUpCycle Weekend.  Come as part of a team of 6-8 individuals and spend 48 hours collaborating to build and launch an UpCycle startup. Be creative and find a way to transforms waste streams from local businesses into something new and valuable — creating revenue streams, saving money, and helping to save the planet!

So come and collaborate and compete for recognition and your share of a £4000 prize pool. Get practical advice on Sync the City 2021 participation from the expert hackathon tips page!

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