Techfugees Conference

Skills Matter, London
Dec 2nd 2015
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Techfugees is a tech community in response to the European refugee crisis. This conference aims to gather the key players involved, re-cap what has been achieved so far, and work further on the best technology and solutions for helping refugees today.

We aim to address major issues; the best, most effective apps and sites; how tech can be used to integrate refugees into society; and the Legal aspects that surround the issues.

This is a non-profit organisation. The ticket cost of £36 will serve for the venue, lunch and coffee/tea etc.

Speakers include:

Syrian Asylum

Colin Yeo - Barrister and Blogger behind Free Movement

Sabir Zazai - Director of Coventry Refugee & Migrant Center

Nando Sigona - Researcher on the refugee crisis at University of Oxford

Tim Finch - Coordinator of the National Refugees Welcome Board

As well as representatives from UNHCR,  and Refugee Council.

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