Technology Ventures Conference 2016

St. Paul's Church, Cambridge
Jun 25th 2016
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This is a huge event inviting over 300 inventors, investors, researchers, and entrepreneurs to innovate our way to a cleaner, healthier, more efficient future. Together you will aim to reimagining waste as a resource, advance science, develop new technologies, and create novel market opportunities. Waste and resource topics will be covered by looking at biotech, medicine, materials, AI, fin-tech, and consumer goods. This conference is not to be missed! A series of innovative programs culminating the brightest minds in the world, all in one day. The event will include the UK’s first Bio-Hackathon, the 2nd annual Sustainable Futures Challenge finale, and a sustainable technology start-up exhibition. There will be local and international media coverage from Bloomberg, WIRED, BBC and more!

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