Techpoint Build 2020

Organized by Techpoint Africa
Landmark Centre, Annex
From Apr 30th 2020
To May 2nd 2020
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Now in its third edition, Techpoint Build 2019 (West African edition) is a three-day event pack will a lot of activities. Unlike 2018 and 2019, both our Startup (Techpoint Build) and Technology (Techpoint Inspired) conferences will be happening simultaneously at Techpoint Build 2020, with all participants having access to both stages.

Other activities for this edition include pitch competition, hackathon, investor tour, award night among others.

Thursday - April 30, 2020HachathonInvestors tourAfter-hours Mixer

Friday - May 1, 2020Startup ConferenceTechnology ConferenceVenue: Landmark Event Center, Lagos, Nigeria

Saturday - May 2, 2020Award Dinner

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