Organized by The LHoFT
House of Entrepreneurship, Luxembourg
From Jun 30th 2017
To Jul 2nd 2017
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powered by Temenos and hosted by the LHoFT


30th June - 2nd July



What does the bank of the future look like?

Why not let the younger generation, the future customers of and potential employees in financial services, respond to this tricky question. Their needs and expectations, shaped by the technologies they use, will be different to ours. We have 30 students from the Luxembourg Tech School who will work a full weekend to “hack” their concepts for the bank of the future, their bank!


They need YOU

They need mentors to offer their skills, their expertise and to provide guidance. We don’t expect you to participate all weekend, we just hope you can share some of your time to drop by and speak/work with a team or two. This hackathon is the perfect opportunity to exchange with these bright millennials about their thoughts on banking and to help them develop their solutions, passing on your knowledge and experience.


Watch last year hackathon video


The weekend program

> Friday 30 June

18:00 Opening

18:15 Speeches

19:00 Team installation

19:30 Dinner

Team Work

22:00 Closing


> Saturday 1 July

09:00 Opening + Breakfast

Team work

12:30 Lunch

Team work

18:30 Dinner (Pizza)

Team work

22:00 Closing


> Sunday 2 July

09:00 Opening + Breakfast

11:00 Rehearsals

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Pitches

14:30 Jury deliberation


15:30 Drinks and closing


Please, register now and take part in this unique event in Luxembourg.

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