The Brainstorms Festival - Human Future Tech

Palladion, Wien
From Sep 27th 2019
To Sep 28th 2019
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Description and A.I. are the cornerstone of innovation in digital health, business, and technology.We are entering a new era of innovation in which Neuroscience and AI are reshaping traditional industries like healthcare, business, and communication. It is an exciting time, but also poses new ethical and workflow challenges. Such technologies require a large number of different expertise and an interdisciplinary view of the field: Scientists and Techmakers- uncovering the human physiology and behaviour, developing new algorithms and applicationsStartups - pushing the bounderies of innovationBusinesses - responding to consumer demands Investors - empowering innovative projects These stakeholders speak very different “languages” and the information is often “lost in translation”. Our aim is to facilitate their dialogue by bringing the key players together and helping them to understand each other better through scientific talks and hands-on workshops to bridge the gap between business, academia and industry.For this reason, we are launching the Brainstorms Festival, a two-day business and human-oriented tech event, where scientists, start-ups, investors, and the curious can mingle, learn, and discuss what currently is in the making, and what the future will look like when it is done right. Dozens of medical innovations, panel discussions, workshops and a brain-computer interface hackathon for the curious.• Lushi Chen – Using AI to detect mental health issues among social media users• Clement Gilles – NASA, experiments made in the international space station• Johannes Passecker – decision making under risk, lessons for business• Sofie Valk – anatomical changes in the brain after meditating• Cosima Prahm – prosthesis, using A.I., VR and video games to control robotic arms• Fabrizio Benedetti – world expert on the placebo effect• G-tec engineering / BR4IN.IO – 2-day brain computer interface hackathon• David Berry – microbiome and the brain• Lucanus Polagnoli – SpeedInvest (biggest Austrian VC fund)• Alexis Matthieu – Founder and CEO FeetMe (smart sole)• Isabella Hillme – Co-Founder of Ghost (haptic glove)...More details on:

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