The Code Network Winter Hackathon

Organized by Code Network
From Aug 12th 2016
To Aug 14th 2016
See the website


Coders, designers, techies! Come join the fun at Code Network Winter -- a 54-hour event to prototype projects and compete for awesome prizes. Code Network Winter is a competition where the goal is simply to build the coolest stuff possible! Previous hackathon competitors have included in-browser desktop environments, a city wide pong mobile game, business validated and built mobile applications, machine learning generated art, multi-player robotic arm game and many more projects. The breadth of projects at a Code Network Hackathon is significant. Judging criteria is simply based on the most impressive project. Whether it be from technical achievement, entrepreneurial gusto or straight up coolness factor. You must be able to demonstrate what has been created, this is not a pitch contest.

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