The Digital Oilfield Hackathon

Organized by NSBE Energy
Rice University, Houston
Sep 22nd 2018
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NSBE Energy in conjunction with the National Society of Black Engineers Professional Development Conference is hosting the Digital Oilfield Hackathon, a student-centered design competition focused on skills development and mentoring. 

Innovation Through "Hacking"

While 'hacking' is most commonly used to refer to a set of skills related to computer science and engineering, we use the term 'hacking; to refer to complex problem solving utilizing technology. The basis of the NSBE Energy Experience Digital Oilfield Hackathon is the following: 

Inclusive Participation that goes beyond data scientists to the international involvement of industry subject matter experts to maximize the benefit of technology intersecting with energy.

Technology Innovation supporting team members working through the development and implementation of their proposed solutions. 

Design Team Mentors who provide background and insight into the problem statement and how to think about possible solutions. 

Design Thinking Facilitators who ensure that all team members are bringing their skills and experiences to the table to maximize the learning 

What we are 'Hacking' 

The Digital Hackathon will focus on using Explorer GIS Platform from ESRI.

We will be utilizing the Exprodat Extension which gives additional features for Exploration Analysis. 

Participants will be asked to utilize the technology to 'hack' the digital oilfield.  

Bring Your 'Ideal' Team 

We want to celebrate your best self and help you find others who compliment your skills!

Assemble your own team or let us pair you with a team!

An ideal team will have participants from a range of degrees, with a focus on engineering. 

An ideal team can involve students from a range of local universities. 

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