Thinkful Dinner: How to Hackathon

Organized by Thinkful Houston
Novel Co-Working Space, Houston
Apr 25th 2019
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The Thinkful Dinner event is for Thinkful students, trials, alum & mentors.

Join fellow students, mentors and graduates for our monthly family dinner on the 18th of March, Monday at 6PM. The theme for the dinner is professional development. 

Ever consider going to a hackathon? Does it make you feel nervous? Don't think your skills are up to par yet?

Well, fear not. One of our recent grads, Autif Kamal is currently on a warpath to get his next developer position. He is attending a hackathon every week until he lands that role.

In this workshop, Autif Kamal will discuss what exactly a hackathon is, how to find them, the reasons why you might go, how he decided he was ready to start attending hackathons, the planning you should do before going to a hackathon, choosing team members and forming a team, what the structure of a hackathon might look like, and some hackathon ettiquette.

Come join us for this awesomely informative workshop, delicious grub and drinks, and then go forth and hack.


6-7PM: Dinner

7-8.30PM: Hackathon Discussion


Novel CoWorking Space

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