Token protocol workshop - cryptoeconomics

BLISS konverentsikeskus Room "Vaikus", Tallinn
Dec 19th 2017
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Initial Coin Offering have gathered quite a bit of attention in recent few months. Most of the ICO's offer value to the token holder via offering them "application" or "utltiiy" tokens. Much of this is an unknown territory and still evolving. The basis of token economics is new and emerging field of "cryptoeconomics". The workshop aims at providing a quick introduction to overall process of how application should work, how the protocols should be designed, how the incentvisation mechanisms could be aligned and give an overall intuition of the adverbial models involved in model. It assumes basic knowledge in cryptography, blockchains, ICO's, economics and game theory. 

Speakers:Anish Mohammed

Anish has been working in the security and cryptography area for the past 18 years, as a researcher and as a consultant. Over the past few years he has become more  involved in the Blockchain ecosystem as one of the founding members of UKDCA and as part of larger Ethereum Swarm research team . He has advised and worked for various banks and financial institutions including AIB, HSBC, Lloyds and Zurich. He is also on the advisory board for Adjoint, Arteia, Hyper-loop Transport Technologies, Privacy Shell, Collider-X , Ripple Labs and Chain of Things. Most recently he has been involved more involved in Cryptoeconomics and have been doing protocol design for various token offerings. He has been involved in tokenisation of ten protocols until now. He is currently the chief science officer of Blockchainsmokers and dean of blockchain at Exosphere.

Franziska Lippoldt

Franziska has been interested in emerging technologies such as robotics and 3d printing. Most recently she has been teaching blockchain and solidity for Exosphere this summer. She also has a Master in mathematics. Her other interests include Machine Ethics and its applications in blockchain. She organized a workshop for machine ethics in November in Berlin. She has a project applying blockchain for AI ethics. Furthermore, she received a scholarship for  a master's program in China Studies and studied in Hangzhou. She has participated in numerous hackathons and won several prizes, such as Science Hack Day Berlin, Mobility Hacks and AI Hackathon.


Ticket price: 200 EUR

Members of EKL will have 20% discount.

Entrance is granted based on paid invoice which will be sent right after registration.


10-12 Workshop 1. part

12-13 Lunch

13-15 Workshop 2. part

15-16 Networking, free time

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