Trality Hackathon 2019: 24 hrs to develop a winning trading algorithm

Organized by Trality GmbH
INiTS - Universitäres Gründerservice Wien, Wien
From Dec 7th 2019
To Dec 8th 2019
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Trality Hackathon 2019

24 hrs to develop a winning trading algorithm

Join us at the first ever Trality Hackathon, where we bring together the smartest Quants, Data Scientists and Software Engineers of Austria to 
hack the secrets of algorithmic trading. The Challenge: 24hrs to develop a high-performing python trading algo in teams of up to 3 people. Maximize given output parameters while trading a number of given assets during a given time frame. The algo will be forward-tested in the form of a trading bot for the duration of 1 week following the event.-Expert insights & inputs from the professional algo trading world!-Pizza and Red Bull supplied in large quantities!-Prizes include Amazon gift cards of up to 750€ per Team!

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