TravelAid - Expedia Hackathon

Organized by Expedia Group
London, null
From Dec 7th 2018
To Dec 8th 2018
Prizes worth over £1500
Help travellers through tech
See the website


Join us at Expedia Group and show off what you can do in 24 hours!

Our student only hackathon will have plenty of free food & drinks as well as giveaways, and prizes, collectively worth over £1500.

All we ask is for you to submit a CV and complete a coding exercise to prove you are up for the challenge.

Please make sure to bring your own laptops and chargers and any extras you wish to experiment with. We will have coffee on-site but please feel free to bring any other caffeine kick you may want to have with you for those early hours! 

We're really excited to welcome you to our offices, to show you around the place and to get coding!

What you need to know: 

- Register through this Eventbrite page

- You will then be emailed with a Hackerrank test, which is a coding exercise for you to complete (please note this link will be provided in the auto-reply email you receive upon registering for the event). 

- After a successful completion of the test, we will send you a formal invitation to the event. 

- We will be looking to close applications to this event towards the end of November!

Best of luck! 

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