UNIQUE LOGISTICS HACKATHON - Second edition - Belgium/Antwerp 27-28/11/19

Organized by OTM and Lanark
Bluepoint Antwerp, Filip Williotstraat 9, Antwerpen
From Nov 27th 2019
To Nov 28th 2019
OTM and Lanark challenge you to 24 hours of intense experimenting with other creative logistics & supply chain innovator
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The logistics hackathon is a platform to collaborate and create innovative solutions for 6 challenging logistics issues. Each of these cases is brought to you by one of these leading shippers and service providers in Belgium. Challenges are distributed on a first come, first serve-basis at the check-in of the hackathon on Wednesday, November 27th. We reveal the challenges on 01/09/19. You can allready register now, registration is for free.

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