UrbanFoodTech Hackathon

The Iron Yard, Atlanta
From Jun 18th 2016
To Jun 19th 2016
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Techies and urban farming nuts! Come and collaborate in an innovation event targeting new opportunities around urban food systems -- with the goal of creating projects that will directly benefit urban farmers and the urban food system in Atlanta, GA. The UrbanFoodTech Hackathon is targeting innovation in these technical areas:

--> Mobile: Designing new mobile interfaces that simplify tasks, present data, consume APIs, and facilitate communication for urban farming practioners, their customers and community easily using standards compliant HTML, CSS, Javascript and UI/UX principles and tools such as Bootstrap, Angular, and React, etc.

--> Data: Communicate complex information clearly and efficiently to the urban farming practitioner, their customers and community, helping them analyze and reason about data using open source tools such as D3, SVG, Open Street Map, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, R, etc

--> APIs: Creation and Utilization of new and existing RESTful web application programming interfaces that create value for the urban farming practitioner, their customers and community utilizing professional practices and API development tools like Swagger, Kong, Apiary, and Postman.

--> Hardware: Creating open source hardware solutions, utilizing micro controllers,the internet of things (IoT), sensors, and drones, that collect data, exchange information, automate urban farming operations, and inform the urban farming practitioner, their customers and community in real time.

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