VetHacks Hackathon

Organized by Patriot Boot Camp
WeWork, Seattle
From Oct 12th 2018
To Oct 14th 2018
See the website


VetHacks is a collaborative event put on by three incredible veteran services organizations with the intent to help foster incredible ideas that solve big problems. The event, co-produced by OperationCode, Bunker Labs, and Patriot Boot Camp, is a 48 hour hackathon created for veterans and military spouses who are looking to build and grow a tech business.We want to thank WeWork for hosting this incredible event!

The event is open to everyone, but the each team will be required to have at least one veteran and/or military spouse. Teams can be as small or large as they would like to be, but they still need to adhere to the above requirement.

FAQ:Q. Who can attend the event?A. Everyone!Q. Can I have a prebuilt team?A. As long as you have one military veteran and/or spouse on your team, yes. That's fine.Q. Do I have to use "clean code?"A. Yes. Please do not have any prebuilt code for your weekend project.Q. What is the prize?A. We are still working on that, but each member of the winning team will receive a prize.Q. For the winners of the hackathon, are they automatically accepted into the next Patriot Boot Camp?A. The short answer is yes. We can go into greater detail at the event.

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